Thursday, 26 February 2009

Unrest Continues

It's now a war of words over the charter, being sent back and forth between the Deputy Rector and the Students. The Student Body are beginning to question whether this will be solved in this way or further measures may need to be taken in order to ensure the future of Byam Shaw School of Art. The fantastic place we love, in danger of extinction....


  1. Wow! I wish you so much strength and luck with this cause, I have been following it since the beginning and I have to say you are an inspiration to everyone struggling against this age of bureaucracy and feudalism. I'm sure many colleges will follow suit. Please don't lose heart, this is far more important than any one of those bigwigs would have you believe. Don't lose sight of your goals. With unending solidarity, regrettably anonymous. X

  2. The age of bureaucratic insanity is upon us, good luck with fighting the managerial morons.
    Art colleges need inspiration, creativity and people; not parity and quality control. Keep at it!

  3. Keep going guys!

    dave from the LCC occupation