Thursday, 26 February 2009

1000 marchers stage sit-down protest to support Byam Shaw

From - February 25, 2009

Earlier today Byam Shaw had some unexpected support when a march protesting over current higher education fees stopped outside the Central Saint Martins’ building on Southampton Row. The 1000 marchers held a sit-down protest in the street, and chanted 'shame on you' at the building until the police threatened violence and the march moved on.

Unrest Continues

It's now a war of words over the charter, being sent back and forth between the Deputy Rector and the Students. The Student Body are beginning to question whether this will be solved in this way or further measures may need to be taken in order to ensure the future of Byam Shaw School of Art. The fantastic place we love, in danger of extinction....

Amended Charter ... Not Enough

We were sent back an amended charter yesterday evening but what was offered clearly wasn't enough. We've been making our own amendments and are sending the revised version back to the Deputy Rector this morning.