Monday, 23 February 2009

23rd February 11am Meeting: Minutes

  • The press release was read out by Kenny. Jess went over the suggestions made my Anna Hart and Oscar suggested there should be a greater emphasis on putting it into a wider context.
  • A consensus decision was made that press should be contacted today (Monday)
  • Suggested press contacts included the Times Educational Supplement, Art Monthly, other art magazines and our local MP.
  • Jenny suggested that we could send in pictures of our occupation to “picture of the day” in the London Paper. It was suggested that we could either pick one picture through a tallying system or send lots of different ones in from different addresses.
  • Jenny also extended a welcome to people who hadn’t attended our previous meetings, emphasising that the issues we are campaigning on affect everyone and that we do not see this as an insular matter. Tarek added that numbers need to stay high if we want to see progress.
  • In terms of guest speakers, Anish Kapoor, and Anthony Gormley should hopefully be attending. Kate said she would talk to her Dad who talk part in an occupation at Guildford. Ollie also mentioned Slavoj Žižek.
  • Early studio closures in the BA studios were brought up as an issue. Tarek says that this is in the process of being sorted, including with regard to our demands about studio opening times at 2 Elthorne Road. It was suggested we could build a temporary studio in the courtyard.
  • An action plan needs to be put together for press and contact details for the press team need to be complied so that if journalists come they can be directed towards the press team.
  • Ollie mentioned outreach to other London universities in occupation as it is felt that even if our intentions are different we should show solidarity. It was also felt that we should go to other UAL sites and generally set about stimulating a debate about education.
  • The new outreach team is as follows:
  1. Jenny
  2. Hattie
  3. Jenea
  4. Ollie
  5. James
  6. Oscar
  7. Sarah
  8. Grace
  9. Teresa
  10. Richard
  11. Faye
  12. Amalia
  • In terms of matters such as fliers, it was decided that the outreach team should discuss these matters amongst themselves.

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