Monday, 23 February 2009


Present: Alister Warman (Principal), Tim Sokolow (Academic Coordinator), Representatives of Student Body.
1) Studio hours – during occupation and generally.
2) Workshop hours.
3) Exhibition Space in Courtyard / Studio Space in Sculpture Yard
4) Deployment of Extra Money
5) Dave’s Wages
6) Communications

- Where workshop time has been missed out on, there is the possibility of some Saturday opening times for students to catch up.
- Maybe put money into print = Monday opening when Adrian Barron is involved in FdA.
- Friday opening for digital (= Mon-Fri, 10-5) confirmed. Possibility of earlier opening hours? Deemed unnecessary... Print opening on Monday preferred?
- In the event of closures advance warning is required.
- Studios over the road are currently closing early?
- Shortage of staff due to Occupation..? Health and Safety concerns necessitate early closures.
- FdA Studio opening hours to be same as BA studios? To be investigated… Issue of Work Based Learning and different student patterns according till term. Proposed investigation prior to Winter Term 2009.
- Foundation studios to stay as they are due to Health and Safety constraints
- Late opening on Thursday evenings – to be reinstated? Issue of J. Wag(g?), to be fine-tuned with him
-“We will try to make what we have go as far as it can” – AW
- Extra money – deployed how? Barren workshops, materials run out – metal, wood plaster.
- Little to no money to play with…
- Possibility of subsidised materials? Students willing to pay as best they can?
- Used to be a shop here – to be reconsidered, reopened if there is certainty of sufficient trade.
- AW looked at course handbooks r.e. tutorial time and Douglas Alsop has agreed to more tutorials with final year students? This was envisioned to happen about now anyway.
- With regards to other year groups and courses, AW does not wish to promise too much, but recognises the need for a shift.
- To arrange meeting with Steven, Lynn, Douglas, Margot and Elle (possibility of two parts to meeting – FdA and BA)
- Mention of informal lunchtime crits, as set up by Elle and Hannah Sharpe for FdA – student led but tutorial presence.
- AW spoke of rethinking aspects of teaching to create in terms of powerful influence. Powerful used not in context of authoritarianism, but of dynamism and creativity.
- In this context student input is highly valuable.
- How to communicate?
- Value of integrated communications network – ref. to UCS at Cambridge.
- UAL should acknowledge the need to work towards more efficient and streamlined communication
- Dave McKeran (caretaker) has worked 8 hours extra time… Not yet paid, nor any talk of rates of agency staff = time and a half.
- AW aware, troubled and on the case.
- New Digital Openings = Mon-Fri, 10-5.
- Print – Look into Monday opening.
- Workshop into temporary studio space – NO.
- Courtyard into Exhib. Space – speak to the WAG.
- Meeting with Course Directors - Lynn, Douglas, Margot and Elle – time TBC. Value of CDs having some time to think about options.


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