Wednesday, 25 February 2009

a few lovely messages of solidarity we've been getting

"I take my hat off to you and to what you are doing takes guts and sacrifice. You have my full admiration."

"WOW this is amazing, I just read the blog and i feel very moved by what you are all doing and send you my complete support. (...) I feel very strongly about the place. Its awful to see what it stands for being destroyed by a bunch of over paid managers who couldnt run a baked bean factory. University of the arts is now understood by more and more people to be an institution that is fundamentally against everything that art is about, the complex histories in each of its art schools is being shat on by ignorant bureaucrats."

"Just had a look at your blogspot. Good on you and the other students, what you're all doing makes me proud to be a part of Byam Shaw. If there's anything you need (...) just let me know..."

"Hi there,
We wish the Byam Shaw occupation the best of luck in continuing to fight the neo-liberal cuts in the education system which all of us are victims of.
We decided to end our occupation after two days after the university gave us an indication it was willing to respond to our demands, we felt we should continue our campaign outside the occupation and campaign to twin our university with an educational institution in Palestine for the benefit of the Palestinians who have to struggle to have an education there.
However, your campaign is so important as it concerns all of us and the standards of our education across the University. I hope that one day students at other colleges in the University will organise an occupation against similar course cuts and cut backs that we suffer. We hope you can continue to fight for every last right you deserve, to give hope to other students across the University to fight for what they deserve.
UAL Stop the War Society
UAL Palestine Solidarity Network"

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