Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Message of solidarity from Michael Steadman

Dear comrades in struggle. As leader of the staff side of the eight-week long student and staff occupation of the (then) Guildford School of Art in 1968, I send you my congratulations on taking direct but peaceful action in defence of your educational and democratic rights, and my warmest good wishes for a successful outcome. As history has shown over and over, nothing has been gained, neither in the educational nor in the wider industrial world, except what has been fought for passionately, with intelligent organisation and above all with the greatest of solidarity. Bravo to all those courageously involved!
- Michael Steadman

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  1. Steadman and kind are still an inspiration to young artists in the area. Those of us who grew up in the area, and chose to pursue art, still acknowledge the impact they had on art education and arts within our community. We can only hope (and recent developments hint at this), that Byam Shaw will have a similar legacy.
    Long live the Byam Shaw